Boring, Easier, Better.

I think this is a typical problem for most families….. what do we eat today? Why does it have to be so complicated. It is almost like the abundance of choices make it impossible to be content with eating the same thing day after day, but eating the same things make life so simple. My biggest problem lately, I don’t want the responsibility of always picking what to eat. It never fails, if I pick dinner I will always here, “I don’t want that” or “ugh..again.” So I ask time and time again. “What do you want for dinner?” It never fails, every stinkin time..every time! “I don’t know” UGGGG! So you have an opinion when I make dinner, but when I give them the chance to choose suddenly no one cares.

So the last couple weeks has again been a lot of BORING repeat meals, because they have become the new norms and are EASIER and quick to make. I did try some new meals.. and I am still working on making them BETTER.

Veggie Loaf

Meatless loaf.. veggie loaf.. I have yet to be completely happy with a recipe, I have yet to feel like I even made it correctly. The texture is the hard part. This particular night.. the flavor was amazing!! The texture however, nope.. it didn’t even hold together. I even tried to make it a veggie burger with the leftovers, again the flavor was really good, but it turned out to be more like a sloppy joe. I am on a mission to master the loaf!

Chickpea flour Scramble

My love for chickpeas is ever growing.. Chickpea scrambles are a pretty quick and easy savory breakfast. What I love most about this.. you can change it up ANY way you want, you can go for a ranch flavors with roasted potatoes, or you can give it a Italian flare with roasted veggies and seasonings. It’s a new weekend favorite.

Feeling like I wanted Chinese take out I made  “Orange Chicken” and I also attempted the pot sticker spring roll thing, a vegan version of a recipe my grandfather use to make. The orange tofu was great, and the spring roll thing.. still a work in progress. I will master this one too!

Vegan Stroganoff

I can’t remember where I found the stroganoff recipe, but it is one that you can simply convert a conventional recipe with vegan replacements, like vegan sour cream and vegan beef bouillon. My son begged me to make this one again, it was added to his favorites list. I made this one with the “meat crumbs” but most vegan recipes just use mushrooms.

And last and most unexpected meal as of lately……. JACK FRUIT BBQ Sandwich. I can not wrap my head around whoever created this, but in all the buzz that this fruit has here is what I learned:

1. Jack fruit smells like cantaloupe and stinky feet. This aroma made my dogs go nuts waiting for scraps to fall on the floor.  2.When attempting using fresh Jack fruit for “pulled pork” you want a green one, not a ripe one pictured above. The reason for this is there are more fibers, less fruit, and I read the unripe fibers also take on flavor better. 3. Most people used canned green jack fruit in water… guess what is on my Amazon shopping list? 4. dehydrated jack fruit (because no one liked it) makes a good dog treat. 5.Totally worth the experience of trying something new.

Here is to another few weeks, chugging along.




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