Real never looks as good tastes.

This week I really noticed how beautiful the food looks from these books and blogs I have been trying. I started to think back on a show I watched about advertising food. Where they use lipstick on strawberries and the Thanksgiving turkey is actually raw with brown food coloring on it. We all know a burger never comes out of a restaurant like the picture shows. I started to wonder how do these books and blogs take their pictures. Is this really what how their food comes out exactly?? Did they blow torch it to get that color? Do they have hidden toothpicks holding that corn kernel in place?  I realize my pictures are sometimes a blurry, and maybe to sometimes appear unappealing, but they are exactly how it turned out. The taste and emotion can never be seen, but if I am blogging about it, then it is worth trying.

I am SOOOOOO in love with this “ground meat” recipe. I now make big batches so I have it on hand for quick dinners. The last couple weeks I have used it for a bolognese sauce, I tossed it with roasted potatoes, and made tacos. You can spice it up any way and it works beautifully. I have even changed it up a bit adding a little mushroom and tempeh. It’s a bit of a cooking challenge but once you master it, it’s well worth the effort.

Vegan Asparagus Quiche

I made Quiche for breakfast Sunday from my Minimalist Baker cookbook. It was so good. I was really surprised that the texture was spot on!  You can  check out her blog here for a different quiche recipe.

Cornbread Chili

I’ve been trying to get my daughter in the kitchen more. Her pick for dinner was her favorite.. chili! This was a great quick and easy dinner, also from  Minimalist Baker’s book

Vegan Singapore Noodles


If it wasn’t made clear, I am really good at taking a recipe and doing my own thing. I mean who has every ingredient on hand when you  don’t meal plan? I made this dish because it was date night for me and my  Hubby, and is so easy to toss everything into the fry pan and add some sauce. It was SOOOOOOO good I made it again the next night so I could eat it. Note: I did not use the amount of curry that was suggested. In fact I maybe used 1 tsp. I liked the curry being more on the subtle side. I didn’t have rice noodles so I replaced them with Soba noodles, but then I bought rice noodles and its good both ways.  I also didn’t have fresh peas so I used broccoli.

Vegan Zucchini “meatballs”

The zucchini “meatball” recipe showed up on facebook, and I wanted to try it instantly because it was so simple! This one now goes to the top of my “meatball” list. Next time I think I might add a little cooked rice just to improved the texture, other then that, it was delightful and my kids snatched them up!

So if you read this.. go and try something new! Share what you tried, challenge me to try something new!





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