It’s not easy being green, but it kind of is.

I have been thinking a lot lately about cooking, baking, making sure the kids are fed. I am trying to master the art of making meals quick and easy. I don’t work, so I can spend a day in the kitchen cranking out the goods, and I love doing it. This week alone my kids have consumed 4 dozen muffins and 4 loaves of bread. The voice in my head is conflicted with this though, yes it was vegan, yes it was made with “good”sugars, yes I added a ton of protein and fiber and omegas by loading them up with sunflower seed and flax. But all that wheat! I can’t get over feeling guilty about it. Wheat has really gotten a bad rap these days. I also remember the days coconut oil was pulled from the movie theaters because it was such a terrible fat! And today, its a prized and valued health food. Do you think that people market these studies just push an agenda that may be driving the market in a equitable direction?  Either way, I don’t have an agenda, I don’t have a platform, I merely am just trying to get back to a more basic natural way of eating. I know today’s wheat.. bla bla bla.. I know, but I also know there aren’t a lot of realistic affordable options, I am doing my best.

I have just been falling in love with cooking. I am in love with discovering how foods combine and create new and exciting flavors. Here are my favorite from the last couple weeks.

I made vegan “Mozzarella” balls, VERY VERY cool I must say! They didn’t melt like the picture, it could have been I didn’t make them correctly. I used coconut oil, next time I would use olive, after you chill these the coconut gets crunchy, so eating them cold was not as enjoyable. They had a GREAT flavor.. I was amazed. Next time I would also add more salt, because cheese is salty.. and it just wasn’t quit salty enough. SO worth making again.. so surprisingly good!!

My youngest had a friend over for dinner, a normal time for me to abandon the weird food and order pizza. NOPE! I wanted the challenge. I made Bowties in Garlic Cream Sauce, by Chef Chloe. I didn’t have bowtie pasta.. but pasta is pasta..right?  I thought adding broccoli would be a good idea, but in the end it took away from the meal, and be best served on the side. Did I fool this boy to eat a vegan meal? YES..yes I did. He loved it and his mother texted me the next day for the recipe!


I was in the mood for like a spring roll or pot sticker. I decided what the heck.. throw in a bunch of stuff and fry it up. The good… it was packed with the good stuff, walnuts, tofu, carrots, mushrooms, onions. The not so good, it lacked texture. Next time I would add cabbage or bok choy. It was served with a pot sticker sauce, but my daughter thought she would try ranch, and it was awesome!!  I will definitely make this again and improve my recipe.


The kids have been asking for meatless (haha) loaf lately. I thought I would give it another try. Texture is the tricky part.. it seems like most have been really soft even though the flavors are great. I decided to through caution to the wind and try my own thing. I used almond flour, rice, chickpeas, oatmeal, onion, celery, bell pepper, flax, and lots of spices. The taste was great.. the texture still needs improving. The gears will continue to turn on this one. 20160729_184920

My most mind blowing meal of the week… LASAGNA! I made two versions I made a vegan and vegetarian one,  using a vegan ricotta that is way to easy and tasty to make, and used a vegan ground beef recipe This was so good I don’t even know why.. and I was so happy, I am giddy just thinking about it. Today actually I am making a double batch to keep in the fridge. You can season this any way you want depending on the meal. This is gonna make great tacos, and tonight.. its used in a Bolognese Sauce.

Lasagna before I baked it

And last.. just when I thought a vegan could never eat french toast, I was wrong! I found this recipe online this morning.. and it was awesome! Seriously.. the key is to cook it long enough that it becomes crisp. The flavor was spot on.. and it is loaded with B-12.20160731_093258

I am sure some people laugh at my ignorance in the vegan realm, I never thought food could be this satisfying. I read comment just today on a blog that said it doesn’t have dairy it must taste like cardboard. It was that type of judgement that made me assume that this would be a bland and bitter journey. So glad I was wrong.



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