Hungry??? Good food here.

With summer flying by, I haven’t been in the mind set to take notes about how things are going. To summarize they are going pretty good. I have begun to think about what to pack for school lunches this year. I want to be more creative.

You know how they joke about men not paying attention. We decided to have sandwiches for dinner since it was a warmer day. I didn’t have time to make bread so he picked some up. I loved that I didn’t have to remind him to get good bread. I love that he must have had to read labels because we don’t have a “brand” or even a type, we just don’t buy it very much since the stores out here don’t seem to carry the brands we use to get in Idaho. 20160715_190014

I attempted to make “cheese” again. This time the flavor was  pretty good. I don’t think it melts as I didn’t try to melt it, but it was really good on to dip your tortilla chip in. The kids aren’t creative on how to use this yet.. so it sits in the fridge waiting for a meal. This would add flavor to a burger, or tacos. I would for sure make this again. I used the recipe from this blog: Vegan Pepper Jack. And I also made this Nacho Cheese.. it is super easy to make and when you dip tortilla chips in it it taste like Doritos.

I love facebook.. seriously, if you aren’t creative, don’t know where to go find recipes, just look up blogs that have a lot of followers.  Follow them on facebook and BOOM instant inspiration followed by comments of people who have made them. This week Cauliflower sushi rice popped up. I made it with rice instead of quinoa, it was way to wet. Next time after the cooled roasted cauliflower gets chopped up, I will put it in cheese clothe to squeeze any extra liquid, the flavor was amazing, it wasn’t as pretty as the picture but it was great!

Cauliflower sushi rice

I am looking forward to this week. I am going to push myself out side of what I know is a good meal… and explore some more. The hubby is getting bored.





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