Think 2 for 1

I know that cooking meals requires a lot of time. It’s the biggest reason I tend to fail. The more and more comfortable I am getting with ingredients and recipes, I am starting to get better at meal planing and preparing. I start to see that something that makes up one dinner can be used in another. For example this week I made Spanish rice. It’s a meal in its own, but also used it to make another batch of freezer burritos, and I still had leftovers perfect enough to make veggie burgers! One meal made three dinners!

I love making home made bread.. it seems like we go through about four loves a week if I make it that often. I love that its a fiber and protein packed snack. I know everything that is in it. This week for breakfast I topped it with blueberry goat cheese and sunflower seeds. Did you know sunflower seeds have almost 6 grams of protein for one ounce of seed!

The other day I saw on facebook a better way to cook spaghetti squash. The problem with cutting the squash in half is you get really short noodles. I was itching to try this new cooking method and with that, discovered it was really tasty in a soba noodle recipe I got from Vegan Richa.. so if you like spaghetti squash.. you can TOTALLY use it in a stir fry.

Honestly.. sometimes I get so caught up with, “I need to make something in order to eat”, I forget the simple things are just as gratifying and nutritious. Nuts and berries are the easiest meal on the go, so why is it so hard for me to think about that? Goes down to habits I guess. Somewhere in me I feel it has to be a production of some sort to be considered lunch.20160705_154420

So the longer I am on this journey the funner it has become. The more my taste buds change, the less sweets I can tolerate… emotionally bummed about this actually, because sweet treats are things people celebrate over. Over all I feel a lightness after I eat, fully satisfied and not heavy bloating. On days I choose to eat meat, with the exception of fish I am surprisingly left dissatisfied, over ether the flavor, or the feeling in my gut later. Just a reminder, I was never a big meat eater to begin with, and most of the times I enjoyed it, it was processed or fried. I have lots of people who LOVE meat and don’t seem to have digestion issues with it. As a reminder I don’t write this blog to change opinion, only to share my journey. I was always afraid of the vegan and vegetarian labels. It was a unknown world.I want to share my experiences so people can see its not bland boring or that I am starving or malnourished.  I am glad I faced some fears and ventured down the road. For the first time it seems I have found a way of eating that is healthy and easy for me to maintain. I don’t feel forced or cheated. After all the different eating habits I have tried to follow, I feel I am now just following my instinct, the way that is natural instead of driven by crazy cravings for foods that are so far past natural why we consider it food is perplexing.

So here is to another week of trying new things.



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