A rose by any other name…

I realize I have a issue with names of vegan foods. Mac and cheese (vegan), why not Mac and creamy cashew sauce. Sausage(vegan), how about savory protein bites, why do they call it what its not. My guess is that it helps people know how to use this mystery food, and I guess make it more desirable sounding. The irony is those passionate vegans, you would think they should be disgusted by the meat and cheese names that they wouldn’t want to touch it with a ten foot fork. Here is my problem with the name, you expect it to taste like what the name in which it holds. Most the time it really doesn’t, oddly what it does satisfy the craving for certain foods you desire.  Maybe I’ll create a book with really fun names and so you won’t have the expectation, but in the parenthesis I’ll write to be used like cheese, or to be used like sausage.

So with that being said.. I  was inspired to make tomato basil protein crumbles (to be used like ground hamburger) for spaghetti. I used a similar technique to the vegan sausage I have blogged about, but changing the ingredients to those similar to the vegan meatballs.

I was pretty happy with my attempt. I will differently make this again, maybe adjust a few things, over all it added protein to our dinner and it tasted really good.

I attempted to make cheese last week. I can’t completely say how I feel about this. It was an interesting experience. First Agar powder is bad ass! It was like a science project learning about how it reacts and where it comes from, google it. There are hundreds of vegan cheese recipes, and I think that is my reservation on this cheese, I just wasn’t to excited about the flavor which was onion powder. I knew when I was making it that 3 tbs of onion powder has got to make this thing taste like onion.. but I went ahead with the recipe thinking maybe somehow the agar and other ingredients it would require this amount to taste like Mozzarella.20160614_161539

It was not even comparable to mozzarella. What I liked, it is firm, you can bite into it like a soft cheese. You could shred it, which made be believe it would melt. It doesn’t melt. It does however add flavor so it was good on pizza even though it didn’t melt and it was good in the vegan burritos I made, and stockpiled in the freezer.

Summer is here, and with the heat, comes quick easy dinner and lunches. I recommend making a big batch of pasta salad with all the veggies you want, leaving out the tomatoes and dressing. This keeps in the fridge for a good week or so, without the pasta getting soggy or tomatoes losing their flavor. When you want a easy lunch just add the dressing and tomatoes and your good to go! I used Hampton Creek dressing and a high fiber pasta. 20160619_173642

I am a sucker for stir fry. I love them and they are easy to make. I discovered udon noodles that are ready to use, don’t have funky additives and were super good. A little tofu, asparagus, bell pepper, onions, and cashews.. bam! Love me a quick dinner.


Sometimes I find myself wondering if that would taste good. Ranch and beans..hmm sour cream is good with beans ranch is a good on everything. So for lunch I had re-fried beans, with ranch dip avocados and tomatoes, it was good, next time I should add some onion and bell pepper, yum! 20160624_091212

So here is to the next few  weeks.. here is to trying new things, making old things better, and always keep trying.



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