Graduation equals food equals love.

It’s been GO GO GO around here. The perfect time to embrace old habits. Some times old habits serve a purpose and act like a life saver when your going under. I embraced them.

I embrace that I am not a planner, yet I pulled off a graduation party. I embrace that I have a hard time making choices, because I want things to be just right. I embrace that I am a last minute person, that may cause stress to a planner type but I have never let anyone down, I have always followed through. Why am I blogging this.. because its the little expectations we think others have of us that cause us unwanted stress. This week I wasn’t stressed because of expectations, I just wanted to have a perfect party….which was perfectly imperfect.

I realize that taste is very subjective. This was really brought to my attention this week when the subject of wine came about. FB_IMG_1465490062291

Even within my own family we all have different preferences for what is a good wine. How interesting the reactions when discussing what is good in a wine, throw in my friends preferences and BOOM I am not even gonna begin to make a wine choice for anyone!  I am so on board with the “bring your own” then everyone is happy! And with that said. I guess when I say something taste really good, I understand it might not taste good to someone else at all. BUT I will say that my old habits and what I use to think tasted good, has changed. I made traditional spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, and my daughter and husband didn’t like it. Funny we use to eat that once a week. Our taste buds are not set in stone. If you want to change your eating habits, change them a little over time, if it doesn’t taste good try it again or add something. If its taste horrible, don’t give up, there are lots of options.

This week the heat has come and the idea of a cool salad or sandwich is very appealing. My book had a not so Tuna sandwich and it was delish! I really really love discovering all these alternatives. Sometimes the out of the box ingredient hits the nail, and it’s so satisfying.


Not so Tuna sandwich from Minimalist Baker’s book

The other thing I have done this week is taking parts of one recipe and parts from the other.. and combining. After all if two really good dinners are good can’t they mix up to make a third dinner? Love me the vegan sausage from Chef Chloe’s book. I have been making it in big batches to use in other meals. This week I added it to the creamy sauce from the mushroom asparagus dinner, but instead of the mushrooms and asparagus I added roasted tomatoes and sausage. I always know when little dude likes it.. I did good.20160607_171754

Sometimes it surprises me what doesn’t taste good.. I mean how can you mess up potatoes?? I really don’t know.. but no one liked them. It’s not that it was bad, but it was funky, and a true test of a recipe is if they eat the left overs..which no one did. At least the coleslaw and salmon was good. 20160530_182345

Just a little reminder, good food doesn’t always have to be hours of prep. I mean, what is life without a good old PB&J!




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