Visitors, Birthdays, Graduation..oh my!

It has been a little crazy around here for blog time. Keeping a journal was never my strong suit. It has been a most exciting May. Two Birthdays.. a visit from my sister, a visit from my parents later this week, and my oldest graduates!!! I am proud though that my lack of documentation doesn’t mean I gave up.

I confirmed  my deep passion for food last week, when I got to share my new recipes with my sister. I even teared up a bit when she LOVED the vegan sausage. I made a extra big batch so we could have left overs and guess what I did…. I used the sausage in a omelette! It was very very good, but I forgot to snap a photo.

I did remember to take a not so great photo of the banana cream pie. IT WAS SO GOOD it made me giggle. It was so good we still are talking about how good it was…however, I’d rename it coconut banana cream pie because then you won’t be fooled to think its just bananas.

Banana Cream Pie Vegan


I never was a super fan of people in my youth. I liked movie stars or boy bands.. but I didn’t get all star struck on anyone. Some how my fandom attitude has bloomed and I am totally star stuck, in awe, or just down right grateful for awesome people. I was so excited when my Chef Chloe books came, but even more excited when I got my Minimalist Baker’s cook book. Even MORE excited they are exclusive, none of these recipes are on her amazing blog.

Buy it here

And in my hast to snap a photo of my first recipe from the book.. I took this. A bad picture doesn’t capture the good flavor.20160522_185149

One of the cool things about vegan burgers.. there are tons of ways to make them. So its never the same old burger around here. So far this one goes to the top of the list. The great thing about making these, the kids eat the left overs with BBQ sauce like chicken nuggets.

Kailey wanted a fruity cake this year, and I in my hast to throw something together I made a orange cake with raspberry frosting. The frosting was not a win for me. even though the kids loved it.. I should have researched more recipes. The cake was a white cake from who else.. M.B. and I added the zest of one orange. If you are wondering why the cake looks so dark, its because I used coconut sugar.20160522_193314

OH MY GOSH!! We have another winner of a dinner here!!!! The worst thing about this dinner is it serves 3-4. We didn’t read that and we were fighting for scraps! IT was sooooooo good. Brooks said he would pay a lot of money to eat it again. HAHA

Creamy Mushroom Asparagus Pasta

This diet has not been with out some challenges. Here are just a few things I have had.

  1. With picky eaters I failed to realize that some of the kids were not getting enough iron. I assumed with their multi vitamins I didn’t have to worry about these things. I failed to realize gummy vitamins (my little dude really has a hard time swallowing pills) do not have iron in them!  So I am looking into so super food supplements to put into the smoothies.
  2. Time vrs. Hunger. Preparing dinners takes time. I am horrible at planing things because I feel like every time I plan a dinner I don’t feel like eating it, or other people in the family complain. Sometimes we all want that dinner that takes a hour to make and it is already 6:30. We have a local natural pizza chain, its been the go to when this momma doesn’t want to cook, but I don’t know how ideal this is. I also really like Annie’s frozen meals they have been a great backup plan when I can’t make dinner. I have an idea of what meals I will make in the week, I buy and have good intentions for that cabbage in the fridge, but by the end of the week sometimes it sits in the back of the fridge sad.. and alone.

My guilt set in JUST for a little bit, when I realized we weren’t hitting all our nutritional needs, but then I just happen to see a obese person on tv, and when they tested their blood they were very malnourished. Low b’s low iron, low protein levels.. you name it you would think that person was starving.That person eating pizza, burgers and fries, and who knows what else. I think people unfamiliar with a veggie based lifestyle can be quick to point out that it is bad because these things happen. But I have always had a problem meeting my protein intakes. I have always had low iron, I have also always struggled with getting daily fruit and veggie intakes. I feel like besides a little more learning and tweaking in this lifestyle, I am actually doing much better then before.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Slow and steady.


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