Man…its been crazy here. Everything is changing, except food.. slow and steady. When we started to change our diet we tried lots of new recipes. So by now I have some go to once a week meals. This makes my blogging on food pretty boring as I have nothing new to talk about. It does however make my life a little easier because we have started some new norms.

General Tso’s

Even though it is Spring time we have had some chilly days. So a good old dinner with potatoes seems fitting. What better then shepherds pie? It was pretty  easy to put together and it was really good.. my mistake.. not cooking the lentils enough. NO they will not continue to cook in the casserole.

Vegan Sheperd’s pie

How many of you have that dish that only momma makes? You know the one when you try to explain what you had for dinner and people look at you like you are crazy? My Mom, or dad.. came up with Macaroni and tomato juice. A poor mans dinner as my mom would sometimes say. Sometimes mac and tomato juice turned into goulash, the fancy version of mac and tomato juice with hamburger and peas and corn. For as long as I live I will always have a day where I need this dinner.. My kids love it.. and I always use ketchup to make a heart or smiley face.20160504_174525

If you are a rule breaker you won’t have a problem making a meal and then tweaking the recipe. Just google vegan meatballs and you will see lots of versions. I have tried two or three recipes all pretty good but not perfected. This last time I was overjoyed when I combined two recipes into one.. it was the best meatlessball yet. So don’t give up on something if it isn’t just right… keep trying make it your own! It’s worth it.20160505_174904

I was inspired this week by my cousin’s husband to try making sour dough bread. It’s my most favorite bread, and they say its a little bit better for digesting. After 5 days of creating a started I made my first batch of bread. It was lovely. Not only was it good. I had a great sense of pride because I grew the starter and tended to the bread making process. My second batch is rising as I type.

I used coconut oil instead of butter on the crust.

My little dude had his birthday this week. One thing I was told is DO NOT buy a cake. It seems all my kids don’t really care for frosting. Our taste buds are definitely changing around here. Little Dude wanted a German chocolate bday  cake.. and so I made one. The frosting was good but not good enough to share. but the cake.. again Minimalist Baker hits it out of the ball park. Seriously the best chocolate cake ever. Vegan doesn’t mean tasteless!

Chocolate cake.. yes please!


Tonight, I just wanted something quick and easy. So Salmon tacos with cilantro slaw, was for dinner. You know what was so cool. Is little dude wanted endless amounts of the slaw.. and he said “this is so good mom and I don’t like cole slaw.” Happy Momma!!! 20160513_183635


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