It’s possiable

Since starting this journey (again) in December, I focused more on the food aspect. I am trying to be more creative and challenge myself out of my comfort zone. Give it a year they say, you can’t change over night. This has proven true and satisfying.  It takes the pressure off myself to perfectly master a lifestyle while I continue to learn and get comfortable with new things.

I look back at years before when I was eating a average american diet. I think about all the times most my food had a shelf life of years verses days. I think of the times I never thought why there was a problem with that.

I remember the moment when my child’s health hits rock bottom and I  have tried everything and all of a sudden giving up marshmallow cereal and milk might not kill him. I remember that moment when his little body couldn’t heal and the drugs had a potential death sentence. I remember saying to my husband, what if food really could help him, and that food was really harming him. Why could I not see that the list of preservatives could possibly have side effects just like the pill bottle.

Get back to nature, what would the cave man eat. That seemed easy. I remember not liking the idea of a milk free diet, after all milk is natural, then someone told me about the processing of milk and how it kills all the good and leaves the bad, if you are gonna drink milk make sure it’s raw.

Living in the country I was lucky to have a raw dairy down the street. For months we drank raw milk. Things I found interesting: raw full fat milk isn’t as white as store milk. First day milk is pretty amazing, but the older it is the more it taste like grass. Raw milk doesn’t last much longer then a week, and even if you could drink it without illness it doesn’t taste good at all! That being said, for me raw milk was high maintenance and for the price wasn’t worth the waste.

This is the time we got off milk completely. This 4+ gallon a week milk drinking family stopped cold turkey.  I have to admit I don’t really miss it. My one son can’t even stand the taste of milk anymore and he use to drink it like water. I myself still love a little cream in my coffee, but the more I stay away, the more reactive I seem to be when I do drink it. Isn’t that interesting?

This week I looked at my son’s hands and arms and I noticed they were not red or pink with inflammation. I rubbed his arms and told him how soft his skin felt. I asked if he had finally been using the special lotion every night. He said no mom, I think its the food.

Later in the  week my oldest said “It is official, I can not drink milk.” She has to learn by experience. When ever I say you shouldn’t eat that because…  I always let her experiment  with her body. Because we are all different and maybe milk isn’t good for her brother but doesn’t really bother her. I do admit I get frustrated when she doesn’t make an effort but continues to have health problems. I tell myself it’s her body and she will learn on her own timeline what is best for her, all I can do is try to be an example. Well the past few weeks she had been documenting her rashes and experienced flaring and spreading on day(s) after she drank milk.

Taste buds really do change. This is crazy to me! I believe it was my third pregnancy, when I craved broccoli. Broccoli was something I in the past detested, and even made fun of people who liked it. GROSS. But the pregnancy changed something in me and I absolutely love it  now. This gives me hope as my other two kids make comments this week. My son said that he likes cucumbers now, and that he thought the lack of sugar in his diet somehow must have made cucumbers taste good. It is so funny what kids randomly say. It’s the random though that gives me clues to how this is affecting them. My daughter said that she now likes cooked carrots now, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR… wait what!!!

We can change, and it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Small steady steps with little error can keep you moving towards the thing you want. I realized that years ago I took away certain foods, then removed more, it was a process. Even when I went back to unclean eating we still never fully went back to the way it was years ago. I realize that this is not something that started in December, it was something that I recommitted to and evolved deeper into.  I want healthy kids, I want to be healthy.  A week of looking back has helped me continue to move forward.

This week I will try and Dinner of the week was sweet and sour chickpeas. It was easy to make, but next time I will serve it as a side dish, instead of a main entree.20160424_171447

I also got on my crazy buffalo chickpea hummus kick. I think because everyone is talking about buffalo cauliflower.This week I made both, and for breakfast today I had both!20160430_081703

This “buffalo sauce” is really good. I wouldn’t compare it to the wing sauce I have had in the past but its really tasty and not to spicy.


So here is to another week of making better choices for myself, and challenging a change.






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