The more you know.

It seems that the longer I make these choices in my foodie lifestyle two things happen.

One: I think I know so I stop searching, and become stagnate.

Two: Cooking, I learn what I like and what I don’t like, what worked and what didn’t work and I feel more confident in adding more or less to recipes and tweaking. The bad thing.. no two same meals are alike.

Veggie Primavera leftovers are awesome in a omelette.

Food plays such a interesting role in our life. It is entertaining, soul soothing, cultural. Food conjures up instant feelings upon thinking about it, seeing it, or smelling it. I am so much more aware of these feelings. I categorize food like I categorize the world around me. Trash food, soul food, dependable food, gross food, love food, happy food, sick food. I think this past week I have been more aware of other peoples relationships with food, and I have a whole new respect. I have learned that everyone in this family needs their own food relationships. My love food, may be their sick food. My dependable food may be their gross food. I can’t force a food relationship with myself or with anyone in this family, and I respect that. I respect that we all have different needs with food.

I love the conversations I can have with my family, and I love that we all are becoming aware and are free to choose what food relationships we want to have. And even if I can’t control their food relationships, I have created a foundation for them to grow on.

Vegan sloppy Joe’s with Hassleback potato


Have you heard of a Yonana? Um I didn’t really even though a long time ago I had seen it. It was at Costco for $29 and of coarse with the warm weather coming why not have this amazing tool in the kitchen that promotes whole fruit consumption. I would never tell my kids no more strawberries no more bananas. This thing  mashes up any frozen fruit and in the process makes a creamy icy satisfying treat. Easy to use easy to clean, I highly recommend you buy it and buy like 6 bunches of bananas to ripen up and put in your freezer so you have a tasty treat when a craving hits.


Have I blogged about Hemp seeds? I love them on everything except in my smoothie. One tiny tablespoon has 3.75 grams of protein and its a perfect balance of your omega’s. I add them to my little dudes peanut butter because why not! I add hemp to anything i feel can use a boost. It has a very subtle nutty flavor. YUM

Hemp seeds on salad

And the dinner of the week goes to another Minimalist Baker. After previewing the recipe I realized I wanted it to have a little more chili kick so I added chili powder, smoky paprika, and onion powder. SOOOOOO GOOD!

Garlic Chili Pasta




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