Whats wrong with me?

I didn’t blog last week, did you miss me? I think about my blog from time to time. It is easy to share recipes, but what else to I write about. Right now my life is pretty mundane. I don’t get out much, I am a SAHM to four kids. Some days or weeks it feels like life is on repeat. So last week was a pretty big repeat of everything, except Easter. We did eat a Ham, well some of us… my hot dog loving son has now become full fledged vegetarian. It was nice to have dinner with good friends and my little family. I did make another vegan cheesecake. This time Lemon strawberry. It is very rich but very good! 20160327_172732

I have done a lot of self reflection lately. Trying to figure out where my struggles come from. I can’t say I have really got any answers, in fact I think I have more questions.

Why do healthy people seem so unrelatable even though all I want is to be like them?

Why do people who write books or do documentaries never talk about the foods they don’t like?

Who in their right mind really thinks that tastes good?

Why does everything have to be a fad?

Why do I feel so much judgement?

Why does the texture of food make it hard to eat things?

Why does beer have to be bad for you? Is beer bad for you? Beer is good for you right?

And the biggest question I would like answered is, WHY, if I want to change, is it so hard to change? I mean you would think I am making a choice so why do I have to be continually challenged.

If anybody out there has answers to these questions fill me in!

So the last almost two weeks has been pretty redundant.I felt like I binged on wraps. Breakfast and lunch wraps and more wraps! And don’t forget the tomatoes.. man I can eat those all day!20160401_083651

I even started to feel bad because I was binging on wraps. But why? Why do I feel bad because I am eating the same food for breakfast and lunch. Years of only eating Trix for breakfast and I never felt bad.

Feelings are funny things. The more healthy choices I make, the more the less healthy healthy choice makes me feel bad. Since when did eating beans on a tortilla become bad?

To many voices of peoples opinions fly in my head, its time to do a self check. How do I feel? Good. Do I have areas I need to improve? Yes. Just keep trying. Just keep focused on being better then before. RUN MORE!

Salmon Burger and Asparagus 

Last night I totally had made a new dinner and it was delish! I used the Vegan Sausage recipe from Chloe’s book and used it in place of real sausage also I used vegetable stock instead of chicken broth. It was a happy heart when I hear the MMMM’s and OMG mom when they take their first bites. And even more happy to have leftovers and not a wrap for lunch!

Orecchiette with Vegan Sausage. Modified

So what is wrong with me? Nothing I struggle and that’s real life. Only thinking that life is easy and perfect is what is wrong.So here is to another week!



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