This is the crime scene photo.. the broccoli and garlic didn’t stand a chance. I had an odd feeling of satisfaction when I took this picture. I felt happy as the aromatics filled the air. I felt proud to have a “hotdish”(Minnesotan word for a casserole) for  waiting for my husband as he walked in the door. And I felt grateful that plants don’t have feelings or faces has I butchered them for our dinner.

So many emotions are involved when it comes to food. How I am emotionally feeling directly effects the foods I choose to eat or crave. My husband and I had our birthdays and both of us didn’t want cake. How do you celebrate without cake?  Searching for any kind of healthy cake left me dissatisfied and were not festive. And then the facebook angels sang, and a vegan cheesecake popped up on my news feed.

Get the recipe here

And just like that I whipped up this little diddy and was so excited to surprise my hubby with a birthday dessert!

I truly believe our bodies crave foods for a reason; emotional, chemical, or nutritional. The body knows what it wants to fill a need. I don’t know why I crave what I crave, and any women will know there is NOTHING better than satisfying the craving.

Sweet potato hash with an egg over easy.

Cravings come in all sorts of ways.. the subtle “hey that sounds good,” to the “outta left field,” go to the store and get that now! And then there is the, “everything isn’t going right I just want comfort” craving.

Can’t get enough of green chili’s recipe here

I have experienced all kinds of cravings this week. From the odd I need to have a egg over easy and sweet potato for breakfast, to the I need green chili’s now! I had the give me hummus for a week craving, and anything with bell pepper please, cravings.

Shrimp Pad Thai

I have had the give me a bottle off wine with a straw in it, and I think I ate a gallon of tomato soup craving. I don’t know where they come from, but they serve a purpose. Some may say “What you didn’t juice like you planned? Your flaky.” I say I still ate pretty dang good considering all the cravings I had.

I need to be more kind to myself. I need to remember, this isn’t one day and boom you are perfect. I need to remember life is short, but don’t make it the excuse to make a poor choice daily. I need to focus on happy and keep working on health.

Cheers to another week.




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