Sort of like Mom made it

Ahhh Spanish Rice, a favorite meal growing up, and I raised my kids on this stuff with the traditional heart or smiley face made with ketchup on top. I mentioned this meal a few weeks back when I was craving comfort foods. I am not sure where my mother got the recipe, and I am not even sure why it is called Spanish Rice. But for this weeks blog I thought I would share my childhood favorite.

Chop one large onion, 3 cups of baby portabella and 1 bell pepper. Saute until the onions are translucent. Note: my mother made hers with just the onion and a pound for ground beef20160314_172713

Here is the crazy part, Ketchup! I use all natural, no HFCS. I don’t measure, go crazy with it! Its got to be at least 1/4 cup.20160314_173905

Then I add a can of tomato sauce, 32 oz vegetable stock, 3 cups crushed tomato, 1 can of black beans and 2.5 cups dry rice. My mothers did not have beans or vegetable stock, she used water. And I think she used 2 cans of tomato sauce omitting the crushed tomatoes. It is as easy as that! Bring it all to a boil and cook as if you would regular rice. This recipe to me is a simple base that you can add oodles of spices and other ingredients such as carrots, celery, corn, or quinoa. We would eat this topped with butter and more ketchup, but its such a versatile dish you can add the leftovers to a burrito.

I am less afraid then I use to be to try new recipes.  The great thing about trying is you learn something new. I ran across this recipe, and thought it would be perfect for my new favorite pasta.20160313_175808

What I learned though is GF pasta tends to have very starchy water, so using it in a recipe where you do not have to boil the pasta first isn’t my recommendation.

I also don’t follow recipes when I don’t have the ingredients. Raise your hand if you have saffron or harissa in your spices?  I ditched those spices all together and added my own twist. I first sauteed the mushrooms in some white wine, then added thyme and garlic cloves, then I proceeded to follow the recipe.


Topped with a little Asiago cheese.

I will make this again but better, using regular pasta, and more spices or salt, or something…. That’s the great thing about food, you can change it how you want.

This next week is spring break. I am going to juice again for who knows 3 days or 5, either way I have found myself wanting nothing but bread, and my little dude is not eating his veggies like he should, so I know we need to get some balance back.


My mother just sent me the back story to Spanish rice, it was her version of the recipe my grandmother made!





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