Time is everything

The struggle is real…. not enough time. Not enough in the morning, not enough after work. It can be the reason I fail, it can be the reason why fast foods continue to “conveniently” weasel  their way back into the diet. It can be the reason why I turn into a angry monster of starving rage, unable to function until I eat everything and anything I can get my hands on. This week I really tried to pay attention to these moments and think about how I can avoid these problems.

Smoothie Bar

One thing I kept forgetting to add in my smoothies was flax. By putting a variety of smoothie ingredients in front of my face has kept them packed with flavor and nutrition.

Brown rice takes about a hour to cook, this week I cooked two big batches on Sunday and put it in the fridge. It was perfect for a quick stir fry, or even a coconut milk, cinnamon breakfast.20160206_190207

I even used brown rice in the meatless meatballs.. which were so good the kids were fighting over the leftovers. Which got me to thinking.. you can freeze these babies!! guess who is making a ton of them over the weekend? This chickpea!

Buffalo Chickpea Wraps

Speaking of chickpeas, last weeks goal was to prep and plan lunches better. This week I nailed it with this chickpea wrap. My whole family can’t get enough. I made two batches already and they still want more. I have decided that Sunday, the day of prep, I will make some sort of bean dip or hummus that can be used for lunches. Most dips last 5 days in a fridge so it is a good habit for me to try and get into so the kids can grab and go.

I am trying to teach my kids to cook more, but sometimes cooking can be overwhelming when there is soaking, caramelizing, and boiling of foods. One night this week my husband asked me to go out with him for a dinner date, but I hadn’t made dinner yet. I looked in the fridge and looked in the pantry, and asked my kids if they wanted to pick something to eat and I’d try and help explain how to cook it.. no they said…. they will be fine they said.. they had salsa and chips for dinner. This weeks goals, freezer meals.  I have now discovered some REALLY good sauces, this week it was a rose sauce (made with cashews, not made with the flower) that was to die for good. Now when I make these dinners, I can make a double batch so there can be leftovers for lunches, or even freeze them for those nights I don’t have a hour to cook.

I am feeling more optimistic this week, even excited, because I know I am getting the hang of things and it feels like it is getting easier. I am beginning to think ahead, and with planing better I can make two or three dinners in the time it takes me to make one dinner, so I can be prepared for those nights “ain’t nobody got time for.”




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