I LOVE Chef Chloe!

Last week I bought a vegan cook book and I was super excited to try all these new recipes. I can’t even begin to explain the magnitude of awesomeness this book is. SO MUCH so I bought her other book. SQUEAL!

Vegan sausage OMG!

I have to admit, my smoothie skills this week have been sub-par. So much so, I am not even drinking them. So today my goal is to research and get inspired to be better for this next week. I am also going to try and plan meals better because lunches in this house.. well they need improvement.

I think with any new change you always have all this motivation, and than day by day your steam runs out. I guess this is why I fall back to old habits. They are easy to do, a common place that takes no effort. Last week I felt like I was just doing the easy stuff, because face it when trying new things it’s like hit or miss, and I just didn’t want to deal with the misses. This week every dinner has been amazing and exciting to prepare. I have never had a cookbook where every recipe I have tried is amazing.  But this leaves a empty hole in lunches. Why are lunches so hard? Maybe its the hustle of the mornings. I am not a morning person. In fact some mornings I am like a three year olds worse tantrum. I blame it on being tired and hangry, and in these moments my mind just can’t get around making a special pinterest lunch.  So goal two, find someone out there who has master lunch making skills, and make a plan!

My second daughters idea of cooking is opening a can of chili. A few days ago she wanted to make dinner. 20160203_173902

Can you see the smile on her face! It was nice to share the kitchen with her.. even when I struggle to give up control. She made a lovely tomato soup with home made croutons. 20160203_181542

After my tofu experience I decided to try Tempeh. I never even heard of it before, but after reading about it having little flavor I was up for trying it.


I loved how it cooked, and it was an interesting texture. It took on the flavor of the meal I cooked. I am undecided about how much I like it.

Baked Tempeh in a Mushroom Cream Sauce

So a few weeks ago I wrote about a vegan Alfredo made with white beans. While I liked the flavor, the texture wasn’t right. I know I didn’t make it right, but beans are always beanie. Imagine that re fried bean texture on pasta, no thank you. BUT thanks to Chef Chloe, her surprising mix of flavors hit it out of the ball park! I even made a butternut squash mushroom ravioli and used this sauce to top it. It was sooooo good I ate leftovers for the next three days!

Can’t stop eating this.

I am looking forward to this next week. I am looking forward to learning something new. I am looking forward to finding my groove.


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