Old habits, new groove.

This week I found myself going for the quick and easy options. Its a slippery slope, because ease equals processed. It was my oldest son who help remind me to stay on track, when I asked if I should get him vegan chicken nuggets so he didn’t have to cook dinner, because I wasn’t going to be home, he asked if it was healthy. I said well ya its not bad, but its processed that is why I don’t normally buy them  for dinner, and he said then I don’t want them. Out of the mouths of babes, I was trying to make his life easy and he was reminding me to stay on track.  So it was then I had to remind myself.. stay whole, stay real, stay fresh. It is easy to run to the store and find a meatless pre-cooked foods, but I have to remember my goals for why we are changing our eating habits WHOLE, REAL, RAW.20160130_093035

I have been so amazed by the flavors from fresh herbs, that I decided to try my hand at a indoor herb garden. This has been fun for my youngest to help with. I am hoping I planted enough to use daily without killing off a plant! Wish me luck, I have never had much of a green thumb!

Problem one, not enough fruits and veggies getting put into smoothies, and juicing takes time. Problem two, over bought apples and carrots, and don’t want to waste them. Solution, juice and freeze into cubes. I had read somewhere how juicing and freezing wasn’t very good because of this that and the other.. blah blah. Well that was one person’s opinion, because my husband also found one who had data to show you really don’t loose to much nutrients from freezing. So how do I choose when there is so much opposing opinions out there? It can be, and is completely overwhelming! This is how I filter, and no I am not always right.. but that’s how we learn. First I research a problem I am having. When I run into opposing opinions I research each side. At this point one opinion seems to make the most sense so I follow my heart and try it. That seems to easy, but for me it seems the only way to really know the truth. Don’t ever do anything because someone says to. Research, discover, and learn that there are a lot of ways to do things in this life.. and really not any one opinion is right or wrong, but what’s right for you!

Soaking beans

The more I cook and try new things the more I am starting to think, how can I prep better to make cooking easier and take less time? This will be my goals for upcoming blogs, to show how I have cut time by prepping meals. Once a week I make a huge batch of bean and lentil mix. I use the beans for dips, sauces, burgers, or meat. I still use canned beans in a pickle but there is something satisfying knowing I did it myself.

Roasted Broccoli with Creamy Basil Dressing Click the link for amazing food.

Social media is amazing. There is nothing better than seeing yummy food pop up on your news feed, it has been a life line to quick easy meals. I suggest if anyone needs ideas like lost of pages so you get inspired daily!20160131_103507-1

OMG!! I just got this book and I am in LOVE! My goals this week, to shop and plan dinners and lunches, prepping the whole week through. I am hungry just thinking about how awesome this week is gonna be.



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