Comfort food…yes please!

Oranges, and vanilla vegan protein powder taste just like Orange Julius. 

This last week I managed to make all my favorite comfort foods vegan style! I not only was satisfied, I still lost weight, 15 lb to date! It is a constant reprogramming of thought.  Fruits are ok to eat. Fruit is not the problem. Rice and potatoes and pasta are ok to eat. Carbs are not the problem. Its all about balance. I still can’t wrap my mind around why eating as much as I want is resulting in weight loss. This is the first time in my life that I can eat what I want and be satisfied.

Spaghetti Sauce

One thing I have been trying to do more is add more veggies into a recipe. It is been pretty easy. Two of my kids hate cooked carrots, and one thing I have learned is the smaller the pieces, the kids don’t know it is in there.


Everyone wanted pizza this week, in fact pizza was a weekly delivery before. So I made a veggie pizza with goat cheese and reduced balsamic vinegar. I sliced zucchini super thin so it wasn’t soggy, and fresh basil is a must! I am obsessed with fresh basil, I need a basil farm! I tried to make enough pizza for leftovers but it was gobbled up!

Meat-less loaf

My kids had fun making fun of what to call dinner. Bean loaf, meat-less loaf.. but one thing no one could deny was it was amazing! I took a recipe off the computer, but changed out the spices. They wanted to use soy sauce, and I thought how very boring. So I packed this baby with lots of veggies and used flax and oatmeal as a binder. I added BBQ spice and BBQ sauce to top it. I must say it was even BETTER the second day! My second daughter suggested I add mushrooms next time. I will attempt this one again.. and write down the recipe.

Mom’s Spanish rice.

Growing up my mother made Spanish rice as a dinner. It is one meal that I get a craving for and made it a lot for my kids. Using ground hamburger as the base I was afraid attempting this without it would change the flavor. It didn’t! I also made this with brown rice and red quinoa. I added beans instead of hamburger. This one I will make again as well, but I am going to add MORE veggies.

Nothing better then a treat!

I think this week taught me more about being ok with food. I am bombarded every day with opinions on what is good and what is bad. Every day I hear fat is bad, sugar is bad, meat is bad, carbs are bad. What do you eat if everything is bad? What I know to be true to me is natural is good. Unprocessed is good. I have found that before when I ate paleo I did’t lose because the calories where much higher then the calories I burned in a day, I learned that when I follow no plan I eat A LOT of breads and pastas causing weight gain because I am not burning off the energy that carbs provide. I am finding that when I eat a plant based diet I have the energy to work out and I don’t have to check every calorie and I am satisfied, I am finding a balance in the way I eat, and I don’t feel deprived.


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