No label required.

Out of respect to Vegans everywhere I will try not to use that term often when trying to represent my type of eating. I mean I make Vegan meals but we are not Vegans.  I don’t exactly know how to label how we eat; Veganish, Vegetation-like, so I won’t.  But as a reminder, we eat mostly fruit and veggies with very little animal products like cheeses (maybe once or twice a week), and very little, maybe once a week if that, meat.

Today we went out to eat for the first time in three weeks. We chose a really nice Italian restaurant. I was really hoping for vegetarian type options when I thought of all the ways Italians can cook their veggies. However I was a little disappointed. EVERYTHING had meat. I understand cream, and cheeses, but everything had meat. I know I could make a special request, but anyone who knows me knows I hate that!  And in that moment, I didn’t want to eat meat, so tomato soup it was.  It’s not that we/I will never ever eat meat, at least at this point in my life.

I love the perspective my second daughter gave me during lunch. She ordered a chicken sandwich. It was the most delicious sandwich I think I have ever tasted, I wish I had ordered it! As she savored every bite she says, “Mom, do you know what is great about the way we have changed our diet… it makes you really appreciate good food.” She also went on to say that she doesn’t inhale her food, and doesn’t eat as much as she did before. She also noticed that she is actually satisfied after she eats. I have to agree and my husband said something similar last week. We continued to talk about how for the first time, we are not tempted to change our eating. It feels good, it taste good. It makes meal time more special.

This week has been a week of repeat meals. With less time to think about meals, I made things I had made before. Its nice to feel good, be satisfied, and really not worry about what I am eating. This week I have made efforts to eat with intent. Meaning, I wait until I really am hungry and in enjoy every bite. Sometimes this isn’t the best idea because I wait a little to long and the “hanger” attacks. “Moms hangery, just walk away!” needs to be posted around me when this happens.

You know it’s good when they steal sips of your smoothie. 

One thing that did happen this week, it could be bad, but in my experience it is good. Both my kids with health issues had flares. Last time this happen, the health doctor explained that sometimes the body gets worse before it gets better. Like disease is going out with a bang! I am hoping this to be true.

So here we are another week down. I am happy, kids are happy and the hubby is happy.




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