It’s all a matter of perspective.

Day 11-14 I can’t believe two weeks is here already. I have so many thoughts and questions that continually flood my mind. If I was attached to my computer, I could have a more lengthy blog, and also a more crazy one.

Some juices aren’t so pretty, but it was still tasty. This was not a V-8 it was a V-5.

So today I asked the family to help me, and share some of their thoughts about the last two weeks.

My husband says that to his surprise it has been easier then he thought it would be. Throw fruits and veggies into a blender and that’s it! That easy. He also strongly feels that a good blender makes all the difference. With the new blender we get a smoother smoothie, and better flavors. He is surprised how many veggies you can’t even taste in his smoothies. He feels he has more energy, and is less hungry. He also doesn’t get so bloated and weighed down like before.  Yesterday he saw girl scouts at the grocery store. He was sad because he couldn’t have any cookies this year, and then he remembered he could! just one box not ten.   It’s all about moderation. He said that when you give yourself permission to have something in moderation its more satisfying. I have to agree, I feel like I eat with intention more, and when I do allow myself to have something I feel grateful for it. It becomes special.

My youngest son, who has the most repairing to do in his body, doesn’t mind this so much. He said it is hard because there are foods at school that he can’t eat. He likes eating this way because it’s healthy. It does give him some attention at lunch time, because kids don’t understand why a juice or a salad is considered lunch. He says he doesn’t always want to snack like before, and he feels a little better because he has more energy and sleeps better.

My oldest son says its a inconvenience because there is nothing but water he can have at school. I told him he can bring lots more snacks with him at school, but he said he doesn’t want to bring stuff to school (teenagers!). He doesn’t suffer from any health issues, so for him he says there is no change in how he feels. I noticed his acne which was moderate before we started is all but a few zits now.

My two daughters are at work currently, I know they both have a hard time with working at a fast food restaurant because when they get hungry they only have one salad to choose from with questionable dressing. My second daughter said that it doesn’t smell good like it use to when she walks into to work. My oldest daughters biggest struggle is she doesn’t prep or plan. So she has been stuck several times without food.

With all the different opinions flying around I can see how people would want to give up. I am currently always looking for solutions when we come across problems. I am looking for ways to make things easier to grab and go. It comes down to habits. We are raised on convenient foods. We get bombarded with the idea that a Lunchable, with over 50 ingredients is a healthy lunch. I will agree you get a fortified cracker and 9 small grams of protein, but at what cost? Not to mention 31 grams of sugar in the one label I read! (not all lunchables contain this much sugar.. but it is still shocking)

I think for me the hardest part is the social aspect. When we have guest over I don’t even have dairy cream for coffee. I don’t have white sugar or wheat flour for baked goods. I don’t have the “normal” foods to entertain guest. And for someone who loves to please people with amazing food, its a struggle I need to figure out.

I have enjoyed trying new recipes, none of which have been a failures but sometimes you gotta make it twice to improve upon.

“Alfredo” Pasta. Made with white beans and artichokes. The flavor was great, the texture not so much. I know I didn’t add enough liquid like recommended 

A family favorite (not so much mine) is hamburgers. And it was time that everyone (but me) wanted one. So what better time to try a vegan burger? I always look for recipes online that have high ratings. This method has never failed. I made a black bean burger that was so good, everyone went back for seconds. Can you guess the hardest thing about this burger? Finding a bun not full of crap! I went to three different grocery stores before I found one with ingredients I could read.

Vegan cheese was pretty tasty, but pretty processed. I don’t plan on that being a everyday food. 

I have written about how some of my kids really struggle with the texture of  certain foods. Last night I made a veggie stir fry and “riced” the cauliflower. It is pretty awesome to see a meal get gobbled up! Texture not a problem this time.

I could eat this every day! 

So here we are day 14. The ball is rolling and I am getting stronger every day. I am down 10 pounds! (whoohoo) My sweet husband down 15!  I don’t write this blog to prove anything. I write to share my experience. I write to show I have found something I enjoy. I write to share my struggles trying to feed my children real food in the land of frankinfoods. I write with a open mind that this could be a phase to my ever changing life.

I don’t have one set of rules I am following. I follow my own based on lifestyles that make sense to me. I am following my heart.





4 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of perspective.

  1. Again, another great blog. I was wondering two things today while reading it. 1. Does eating this way provide you with probiotics for a stronger gut system? 2. Are you printing out each day’s blog so you can put together a book with recipe’s or just a book for remembering and reminding what you are going through. A hard copy is always a great thing to have, even in these technical/digital times.
    How many blog posts have you done so far? I have only read two. Am I missing some?


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