I don’t want to be perfect.

Day 6. Note to self… you can’t just throw fruits and veggies together and have it taste good. Follow recipes, and then juice what you like.

Find support! It seems odd to me that eating real food, raw food, would get snide remarks. I don’t know why. Do people think I think I am better than them? That isn’t my motive at all. I strive for total health. I know that nature has everything we need, and it is up to me to discover it. Before I started this process, I followed a bunch of new facebook pages. This morning, I am grateful for those pages, because it inspired me to stay focused, and try new things.

Something I learned leftover roasted veggies are pretty amazing on a salad, this salad has a Cashew Caesar Dressing. YUM!

I went to a health food store today, trying to find the lowest prices on cashews. As I walked up and down the aisle, I thought to myself.. am I becoming one of “those” people? Wait, what?? Those people.. who exactly are “those” people? Suddenly my mind gets flooded with SNL jokes on the vitimix for the super snobs, or the super hippie type health nuts that make everyone feel bad about not being green enough.  I guess there are all types of extremes in humanity, but just because I choose to change the way I eat doesn’t mean I fall into a category of unsavory type tree huggers. I am me. I haven’t changed, and I don’t look badly upon others who live differently. I am changing for me and my family. I share my experiences not to shame but to say, “this is actually doing something positive for me and my family.”

Day 7. I like to think I am really in tune with my body. I tend to be hypersensitive to sounds and touch, so I really feel when my body feels good or feels bad. Over the last year I have felt like a cloudy day.. sleepy, lack of motivation to do anything, and general blah (that’s a medical term right?).


I was talking to my husband yesterday, and I said it is almost as if every day a layer is peeled away. A new found energy, a more positive attitude, and my most favorite thing, a feeling of contentment. Is this food that is making me feel this way? I would like to think so. My daughter told me yesterday she had to buy a smaller pant size and my other daughter came in and said look how baggy these pants are on me. My youngest son told me is tummy was flat. I think for once, we are all feeling what its like not to be bloated all the time. My husband has lost 9 pounds. We are not on this journey for weight loss, that’s just a perk. Some may say we aren’t eating enough and thus the weight loss, I can tell you we are eating a lot, and no one is complaining of being hungry.

I have this little passion about cooking. I get a bit of a high when people say my food taste good. Over the years of trying new things my family all have a way of scoring my meals. Any leftovers under a 7 never get eaten, and I won’t make that meal again. Foods that taste amazing make me happy when I eat, as they should. Today I made a Pear Cashew Salad and the dressing was to DIE for! I modified it with no sugar and no cheese, I scored a 8.5.20160103_133947

Let me just say I am so grateful my kids keep trying new things. Some meals i make stink. I don’t know why the author of the recipe says it is so tasty because most often they are very bland. 3 of the four kids “hate” mushrooms. I have learned that Portabellas are actually really tasty and have a pleasing texture. Tonight I was in the mood for tacos. so I diced up a big box of Portabellas and sauteed them with onion and bell pepper, then seasoned them like I would beef tacos. I also made a cashew cheesy queso sauce. (its been a cashew kind of day!) EVERYONE LOVED THEM.. 9.5 and a 10!! Let it be known, 3 of the 4 kids now DO NOT hate mushrooms!!!!


We started a detox over the Holiday break this gave us time to be sleepy and take our time learning to prep foods differently. But I had a wakeup call this morning. My oldest ran off to work in a hurry not bringing any food with her for her long day at work. My other daughter was just getting ready for work and she needed juice and a lunch juice as well. As I walked into the cold kitchen overwhelmed by what type of juice I was going to make, I thought, this is getting old. How do people do this day after day after day? Time to regroup. Take a time out…. And PLAN! Prepping is important, so that early mornings can run as smooth as a smoothie. School starts tomorrow, and busy schedules are not going to bring me down.


Just a side note. In trying so many diets and reading so many things, I have it in my head that WHITE rice or WHITE anything isn’t healthy for you. While I agree processed isn’t the best, I also think right now some white rice in sushi and a tortilla is ok. I read once that to create a life style you can’t go cold turkey. You must adapt and adjust slowly. I don’t think it would be fair to my children to take everything away forever that they are use to. That is not the goal. Slow and steady, and just keep trying, are my motto.

I made some fruit Nigiri for a snack.

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